Award winner for quality 2008 of the Croatian camping association.
ADAC Camping Caravaning Fuhrer 2011.
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Grebisce - Among 10 best beaches in Croatia, according to Rough Guide
While many of Hvar’s beaches involve perching on a rock before stepping gingerly out onto a stony seabed, the silkily sandy Grebišće is absolutely perfect for smooth paddling around.

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Guests want a "homey" feel

Our long-standing guests from France, who visited this summer have highlighted how the directness and the warmth of the host represent the magnetic appeal of the camp Grebisce and that as long they have this feeling, they will feel completely secure, not only with the accommodation, but also with the overall atmosphere of the Camp. The Head of the Camp emphasises the effort the whole team has made on the project “camp Grebisce” which, year after year, meets the guests’ expectations.  
Why camping?

Camping means time outside the city, office and time away from all the stress. Camping is a great way to release the everyday pressure we feel and to run away from the greyness of the city to the colourfulness of nature. The  simplicity of camping promotes meditative state, which is in harmony with the earth and nature and is a complete opposite to the fast city pace.

Due to its relaxing manner, camping offers the opportunity to connect with the nature and with ourselves.

Camping gives us a lot of time to release our thoughts. The quietness and peacefulness of the natural surroundings gives us a new perspective and makes it easier for us to think clearer.

Camping is a great way to meet new people. The guests of the camp are always friendly and, often, help each other. One of the basic unwritten rule of camping is “help out your neighbour”, so be ready to help out somebody, but, when you need help, rest assured that somebody will help you out in return.
Social networks

Dear visitors, on our new website with all the relevant information regarding the camp and

the possibility of making a reservation, you can also find us on all the social networks. Feel
free to “Like” us on Facebook and leave a comment or should you wish to contact us via
Twitter, please do so, and share your opinions with us, which could benefit us in order to
improve our service to you, as well as should you wish to receive any news. We have also set
up a link to Foursquare, where we expect to see many “check-ins” and hope you will upload
many beautiful photos from your visit and post all your impressions.